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About Southern Swings Nail Bar

Southern Swings owner, Brandi Holstead, loves to see people enjoy themselves. With a background in a highly competitive sales field, I took solace in getting manicures and pedicures. After visiting a few hundred nail salons, I realized that every nail spa had the same old look. I always sought out the “most plush/comfortable” nail spa in town to really spend some good time, money and enjoy myself from work. The problem was, that out of the hundreds of nails spas I went too, only two were really comfortable with great service. This is how Southern Swings came into play! Southern Swings is a unique place that is different from any other nail spa in the US. All of our pedicure stations are porch swings! That’s right! Sit back, relax and sip on some sweet tea while experiencing the most relaxing pedicure you’ll ever receive! We also are home to pedicures on the porch!! We have three outdoor stations with plumbing!!!
When you walk into our shop, you are immediately greeted, served a complimentary beverage along with a warm neck wrap. With this plush upscale nail bar and pedicure salon, the customers are guaranteed to have an experience like no other. Southern Swings motto is “Quality over Quantity.” We strive for the customers to really enjoy themselves while being pampered in this one of a kind nail bar.

Greta Mollen: Gretta Mollen has enjoyed her

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Bryan moved to New Orleans in August of 1997.

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In the whiskey room we offer men's haircuts,

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Southern Swings is the ultimate pampering destination in New Orleans! Treat your loved one to a day they won’t forget.

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